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Xtreme™ Series

The Xtreme™ Series from Weiss Envirotronics provides more power for your tough testing applications. Xtreme provides ESS (Environmental Stress Screening) conditions in a 5C°/10C°/15C° per minute change rate. Available in a wide range of sizes, one to fit any testing requirement. Learn More

New! S!MPATI - TimeLabs

The new standard in test documentation for the visual documentation of testing procedures - a picture says more than a thousand measurements. Test items in temperature and climatic test chamber testing procedures have quite a lot to go through. Documentation supported by data and unrivaled visualization of testing procedures with S!MPATI* TimeLabs from Weiss Envirotronics assures production reliability and provides an exact visual evaluation of testing procedures in slow or fast motion. Learn More

Endurance® Series

The Endurance® Series from Envirotronics; the Temperature & Humidity chamber that stands alone. Designed and engineered to give you lasting value, performance and reliability for all your testing applications. The intelligent engineered test space design allows for maximum airflow coverage and accurate gradients. Five popular sizes are available that allow you to choose the chamber that best fits your needs. The mobile design allows for greater flexibility. Learn More

Excel™ Series

The Excel(TM) Series from Envirotronics provides temperature and humidity testing flexibility through intelligent engineering, ergonomic design, broad temperature range and lasting reliability and durability. Available in over 125 standard model configurations that fit most testing applications Learn More

Exceed™ Custom Reach-In Series

The Exceed™ Custom Reach-In Series from Envirotronics gives unlimited options. Designed, engineered and built to your specifications the Exceed™ Series offers flexible temperature and humidity ranges, sizes that meet your exact testing requirement and available options that provide unmatched product testing applications. Learn More

Chamber Categories

Temperature / Temperature & Humidity

High Performance, Broad Temperature, Humidity and Size Ranges.

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Feature 1

Stability Test Systems

Full Line of Stability chambers that include:

  • Benchtops
  • Reach-ins
  • Walk-ins

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Ovens to meet all your needs including:

  • Heating and Drying Ovens
  • Clean Room Ovens
  • Explosion Proof Ovens
  • Microwave System Ovens
  • Sterilizers
  • Continuous Oven Systems

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Walk-In/ Drive-In

Provides superior strength and durability for any size test requirement.

  • WP & WPH Series (Panel Construction)
  • WW Series (Solid Welded Construction)


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Feature 1

Thermal Shock

For testing with Extreme Temperature ranges. Air-to-Air and Liquid-to-Liquid thermal shock chambers.

  • TS Series (Thermal Shock) Vertical
  • TS Series (Thermal Shock) Horizontal
  • TS Series (Thermal Shock) Liquid


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Feature 3

HALT/HASS & Vibration

Combine vibration with temperature and humidity. Product testing for R&D phase and product production life tests.

  • STAR Series
  • STAR PLUS Series
  • Galaxy Series


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Feature 1

Specialty Chambers

Solutions for special testing requirements. Don’t see your test requirement? Our applications specialist can help.

  • D Series (Sand & Dust Chambers)
  • ED Series (Temperature Cycling Test with Variable Speed Drive System)
  • EA & EAH Series (Altitude Chambers)
  • EC Series (Cement & Concrete Chambers)
  • Mobile AC Systems
  • Ovens
  • Stability Test Systems
  • Pharma Series
  • SSP & SSC Series (Salt Spray and Corrosion Chambers)
  • VOC Chambers
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Space Simulation
  • Spray & Splash

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Feature 3

Environmental Stress Screening

Highly Accelerated Temperature Change Rates

  • Patented Airflow Design
  • Reach In or Roll in Cart based models
  • Reduce Cycle Times
  • Vertical or Horizontal Air Flow

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Feature 1

Bench Top

A compact design suited for applications that have limited space and require high performance and silent running.

  • LT & LH Series Laboratory Bench Top Chambers
  • MT Series Mini Bench Top Chambers

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Mobile AC Systems

A complete line of systems that includes:

  • Container Air Conditioning
  • Tent Air Conditioning
  • Mobile Clean Rooms
  • Cooling Electronics

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Feature 1


A full line of chamber sizes are available to meet any solar panel size and extreme high and low temperatures along with humidity range to 98%.

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The EV Series AGREE can be used as test chamber only or as test chamber with vibration table

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